Let’s start at the beginning.

Donut began with a simple question: how can we make an investment app worth using? One that grows your savings without feeling like a chore (or a math test). We envisioned an app that combines an intuitive user interface and simple mechanics that create real value for each dollar invested.

There are plenty of plug-and-play personal investment tools available today, including Robinhood, Stash and Wealthfront. While the user experience is a vast improvement over traditional forms of investment, your money ultimately ends up in traditional assets — stocks and exchange traded funds — where it lives and dies by the same financial forces that have guided markets for decades.

To stand out, we would build Donut around intuitive design, automated mechanics and radical transparency to provide easy bitcoin investing for all.

Here’s how it works.

Invest On Your Own Terms
Donut gives you complete control of how, when and how much you invest with a few simple features.

  • Collect ☕: when you first sign up for Donut, you can set as many or as few investments as you like. Daily coffee, gas fill ups and meals out become opportunities to make small savings with a big impact.
  • Schedule 📅: save even when you don’t remember to save. Set recurring investments large and small on a weekly or monthly basis, and pause or adjust to your style. You can choose to put in $100 each month, or just $10 dollars a week so you don’t blow all your money on Amazon.
  • Quick Buy ⚡️: whether you’ve found a $5 bill in your couch or got a check from grandma, you can Quick Buy Bitcoin with your debit card and grow your portfolio instantly. This feature is great for feeling like you’ve accomplished something even if you’re still in bed at 2pm.
  • Earn 👫: each user on Donut has a personal @handle, which you can share with a friend and invite them to sign up. For each friend that uses your handle, you’ll each earn $10 to invest as you please. A wise (wo)man once said true friendship is growing your cryptocurrency investments together.

Grow Your Savings with Bitcoin
Bitcoin has been called many, many things, but we call it an opportunity to invest differently

  • Bitcoin is a distinctive asset: innovation fuels growth and few things are more innovative than an asset class that is an innovation itself, like Bitcoin. Whereas stocks and ETFs grow based on the lifecycle of businesses, Bitcoin grows as the asset matures and becomes more widely adopted. Unlike traditional stocks, cryptocurrency investments are not subject to the hundreds business factors that affect a company’s value.
  • Bitcoin fluctuates, but that can be a positive: Bitcoin’s path isn’t always linear, it rises and falls dramatically day to day, month to month and even hour to hour — but Donut works through Dollar Cost Averaging (read about it here), which means that you make small investments over time to help reduce the impact of volatility and assume less risk in the long term.

Transparent, Secure and Headache-Free
Growing your savings shouldn’t be scary

  • Encryption and Security: data shouldn’t be a free for all (just ask Facebook), so all of your personal information is encrypted using AES-256 standard and we only request and use information that is 100% essential for Donut to create a great experience that grows your money better
  • No hidden fees: We’re here to provide an intuitive, painless way to grow your savings, and so we have not hidden any fees or costs anywhere in our process. A 2.5% fee covers Donut’s operations and trading costs. No surprises — we have a strict no wolves, no Wall Street policy at Donut.
  • FDIC insurance: thanks to our custodial partners and the FDIC, any fiat currency you hold in your Donut wallet is insured up to $250,000 USD. If you trust the FDIC, you can trust Donut with your cash. If not, you can take it up with FDIC chair Jelena Williams.

So, that’s how Donut helps you make dough. We’re improving the app experience every day and are amazed by the response from our growing community. If investing your spare change to earn Bitcoin sounds exciting to you, you can get started here: donut.app/join

Disclaimer: this article should not be construed as containing investment advice.