Get ready for Donut 🍩

Building a new investment app is a journey, not a destination, and we recently hit a major milestone. After a couple of months in live Beta, Donut is now officially on the App Store. This means that anyone with an iOS device (yes iPads included) can download Donut and begin investing in Bitcoin.

During Beta we had hundreds of users download the app and processed over 20,000 transactions. Many began exploring and learning how Donut helps them save money and work their savings by investing in Bitcoin. The results have been astounding, as many early users have seen their portfolios benefit through the power of Dollar Cost Averaging (more on that here).

What should you expect on the App Store?

We broke things down for you in simple terms:

Quick Sign-Up βœ…

As part of our App Store debut, we’ve made access to Donut easier than ever with streamlined sign-up. No referral codes needed. Simply download the app and complete the onboarding within 5 minutes.

Round-Up Everyday Purchases β˜•οΈ

Once you’ve connected your bank to Donut, the first thing you’ll do is set your round-up preferences. When you round-up, Donut collects spare change from purchases you make on your credit or debit card and automatically invests it in Bitcoin. This means everything from your daily coffee to a dinner out with friends is a chance to invest.

Set Recurring Investments πŸ“†

Would you remember to pay for Netflix if it weren’t automated monthly? We often feel that way about saving, so with Donut we wanted saving to be as simple as setting a daily, weekly or monthly investment that you don’t have to remember, but will always appreciate. Every bit counts, so even $20 a month can stack up nicely by year’s end.

Quick Buy ⚑️

We designed Quick Buy to be the adult equivalent of getting a birthday check from Grandma and immediately running to the toy store (except that you can do it from your phone from literally anywhere). When you’ve got some money to spare and would rather not make an impulse buy on Amazon, Quick Buy lets you buy Bitcoin with a debit card to grow your portfolio on demand. No back and forth with brokers or advisors, just click the lightning bolt and go.

Refer Friends and Earn πŸ’Έ

We appreciate each and every one of our early users, so we developed a referral program to reward our growing community. When you sign up for Donut, you create an @handle for your account and it isn’t just because we want to be like Instagram. Recommend friends to Donut and they can input your handle at sign up. Each time a friend invests, you’ll earn 1% on their investment. It pays to pay it forward.

Special delivery coming soon 🎁

We’re cooking up something new and exciting, stay tuned in the next few weeks for more.

In the interim, check us out on the App Store and follow us for the latest news and Donut updates!


The above information is intended for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice. ✌️